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May 30, 2022

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RHINO in the house. The great breeder and cultivator Rhizo Rich joins the program to wrap up Nug Mashin' May. He's here to recap some of the best rosin we've tasted over the course of our travels, as well as do some in depth reviews on hash strains. Rich and Jordan also share the story of their Colorado trip, where so much fun and merriment was had- however, the treacherous Loraine had other impressions of the GC boys... The conversation turns towards the recent Cultivators Cup event, and the strains that took down the top prizes- including Truffle Cake by Crzylgs, Ice Cream Wolfman by JT, and Jordan's personal favorite: Gary Payton by Handscold. The guys also tease their upcoming classes including a home breeding masterclass on the way, and Rhizo Rich's ongoing RSO class. The Rhino also gives us a detailed update on the upcoming pollinations, and talks to us about working with the Seed Junky London Pound Cake cross, as well as Beleaf's GAWD cut.

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