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Jun 13, 2022

Friend of the show and creator of Jinxproof Genetics- the one and only Jinx is back on GrowCast! He and Miss Rose are on the line today to discuss some of the their awesome new crosses that are dropping soon, and share some old school stories from their time influencing cannabis history on the west coast. Jinx talks about the Seattle grow scene back in the 1990s, and explains how there really was no way to get quality cannabis seeds or cultivation education. He talks about how some of the most prolific strains that he crossed came from bag seed early on, but how Seattle was still hungry for more genetics. Jinx tells the story of how he met the late Subcool, and the huge impact that these two figures had in the Pacific Northwest cannabis seed scene. Jinx emphasizes the importance of head shops during this time, and talks about how the cheapening of the glass industry is driving out these classic venues, and depriving the next generation of an entire genre of cannabis establishment...

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