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Dec 27, 2021

For the next episode of Worldwide December we are headed all the way to Port Elizabeth, South Africa- this time to speak with long time cultivator and grow store owner Hugo! Hugo owns The Grobro in Port Elizabeth, and shares an overview of the entire South African cannabis scene. He goes on to discuss some of the most popular South African strains, such as those who were proliferated like Durban Poison, but also some of the nearby landrace strains from places like Malawi and others. He also shares the fable of the Rooibaard or "Redbeard" strain local to Southern Africa, but insists that it's hard to find the authentic, true Rooibaard genetics. Hugo also dives into how he deals with the wicked South African climate, from whippping winds to humid sea air- and he also reveals the types of pests he battles in SA, which funnily enough are the same cannabis pests we deal with worldwide!

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