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May 23, 2022

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The great and powerful Queen of the Sun is back on the show for an episode in Nug Mashin' May that you won't soon forget! Alexandria updates us on all her recent exploits, and the big move from her old farm to her new spot. She talks about some of the hash processing that she has done recently, and speaks on the idea that processing trim becomes a massive undertaking in and of itself when you get to a point of true large scale production. This leads into a conversation about easy ways to process non flower plant material- from a simple alcohol extraction, to a bubble hash process, or even throwing your material right into the compost pile. Alex gives some best practices on making bubble hash, and shares her NorCal rooted strategy. Alexandria also discusses some of her favorite strains that she has produced for hash washing, shouting out such NorCal classics as Jilly Bean and work by the great Purple Caper. Queen of the Sun and Jordan wrap the show by talking about their "upcoming" tour of classes around the country- which may actually already be in the works as we speak...

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