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Aug 14, 2023

Rhizo Rich from GrowCast Seed Co is back on the program for an episode about cloning, breeding, and more! Rich gives us an update on his new Apes in Space pollination, and we highlight on of his more popular recent strains, the Peaches En Regalia (named by Wolfman). Rich shares the different expressions he's observed in the PER as well as the other Peachquake crosses, and how well each of them seems to wash. The conversation turns towards taking cuttings, and Rich dives deep into his favorite cloning techniques, which lights and plugs to use, and how to apply additional nutrition early to keep your cuttings extra healthy. This leads to a discussion about adding compost into your soil mixes early, and which composts on the market are some of the most active and effective. Rich also discusses his upcoming breeding work, and we tease our upcoming VA Breeding Class...

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