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Jan 1, 2024

Good friend of the show Dr. Coco is BACK! This time he's on the line for a deep dive exploration of vapor pressure deficit. Coco recaps what VPD really is- an environmental metric of how "thirsty" the air is. This leads to a conversation about ideal VPD range charts, and how the charts give you a guideline to follow, but no specific instructions on how or why to achieve specific VPD in veg and flower. Coco reiterates that temperature is king, and you should never sacrifice optimal temperature in order to achieve specific VPD levels. The conversation turns towards what's happening to those trichomes on a micro level, with the pressure deficit or "vaccum" affecting how the plant transpires, grows, feeds, and maybe even how it dries and cures. The two wrap up the show by talking about the upcoming new years grow challenge, and the cloning side challenge where people are taking their best, biggest, and smallest clones.

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