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Jun 27, 2020

The great and talented Rhizo Rich from joins GrowCast to discuss a hot topic in the world of cannabis growing semantics; "organic" cannabis production! Rich begins by giving us a quick overview of the harvest he just took down, taking a special moment to shout out a couple strains that blew him away- including 10th Planet by Ethos, and also K'Smores by Prolific Coast, the latter of which should be appearing on GrowCast soon! Then Jordan proceeds to give an overview of the word organic as he sees it, specifically breaking it down into three separate definitions; organic cannabis cultivation, organic as defined by chemistry, and also organic certifications that exist in many different industries. Jordan talks about his research in the world of coffee certifications, and stresses how having a variety of affordable certifications is highly beneficial to both the producer and the consumer. Rich gives his thoughts on the semantics of organic growing, and shares an interesting point about water not meeting the chemistry definition of an organic compound. The guys wrap up the show by talking about water quality, as well as Rhizo Rich's upcoming supersoil challenge where he plants on growing the same cut in a dozen different supersoils in order to compare their performance!

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