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Aug 8, 2019

Jake from Northern Frost Genetics and PNWSeeds is on the line to discuss all things breeding and autoflowers. Jake shares some of his cultivation history, as well as why he decided to enter the cannabis breeding space - specifically autoflowers - with such passion. Jake discusses what the common consensus is when it comes to autoflowering cannabis, and some common misconceptions he encounters in the space. He also talks about the massive progress that has taken place when it comes to autoflower refinement, specifically regarding yield and potency. Jake goes on to talk about his own line of strains, and shares some tips on how to grow his work as well as some general things to watch out for when growing autos from any breeder. Then the conversation turns towards breeding tips and advice, and Jake gives some high leverage tips when it comes to things like selecting parents, stabilizing genetics, seed collecting, and more. Visit to learn more about Jake and his line.

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