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Jun 26, 2023

Identifying issues quickly and accurately in your grow can be the difference between a successful harvest, and total crop loss- on this episode of GrowCast, fan favorite Marybeth Sanchez joins the program to help you identify FOUR COMMON PROBLEMS that plague growers. MBS starts with two common deficiencies: magnesium,...

Jun 19, 2023

Great friend of the show OKCalyxx is back again on GrowCast Podcast! Today he is here to discuss his preparations for a potentially blazing summer, followed by a cooling autumn season. Calyxx highlights the importance of avoiding mold and mildew during the hot muggy summer months, with an an emphasis on the need...

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Jun 12, 2023

Rhizo Rich is BACK to discuss some of the more RARE and LIMITED GrowCast Seed Co Strains (some of which just left the vault)... Rich talks about how far his breeding work has come, from giving away thousands of seeds for free, to becoming a full time breeder with demand for his amazing work. This leads to a little...

Jun 6, 2023

As we continue our nutrient deep dives, Nik from Rooted Leaf (use code growcast) is back on the show to discuss all things SULFUR! From it's role as an antioxidant to how it moves in nature, Nik let's us know what we need to know about this important mineral. Nik talks about how sulfur is not needed in as high as...