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Oct 10, 2022

Today's episode resource:

Jason from Lighthouse Solutions and Filtr is back on the program for Croptober! Today Jason is here to discuss the optimal ways to approach cleanliness in your grow, and how to keep those pesky pathogens out. Jason dives deep into the different ratings and types of filtration systems, and also expounds on how these filters actually function and remove particles from the air. Jason goes on to talk about different pathogens and their sizes, including small airborn viruses and large dust particles that can carry other pathogens. He expands on the idea of both air cleanliness and surface cleanliness, and how they interact- which leads to a larger conversation about biofilm. Jason talks about what biofilm is, how it reproduces, and how the organisms within the slimy biofilm bubble actually communicate with one another on a microscopic level...

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