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Nov 12, 2020

We've got another installment of the Breeder Feature series here on GrowCast, this time featuring Rab from Seattle Chronic Seeds! Rab talks about his literal life long affinity and practice with the cannabis plant, and what led him to eventually start releasing line after line of fire genetics from the Pacific Northwest. Rab highlights several of his incredible strains including The Onez and Garlic Breath, as well as some of his incredible 1:1 crosses. Rab talks about his passion for CBD rich strains, and emphasizes that he's always been in the game for medicinal purposes- both to find healing himself, and help others cope with their various ailments. Rab also talks about what to look for in young and vegging plants to determine if they will turn out desirable or not, and also gives his thoughts on breeding topics like strain ownership, naming strains, and more. Be sure to visit to peruse their amazing lineup!

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