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Feb 5, 2021

GrowCast Team Member and IPM specialist Marybeth Sanchez returns to the podcast for an episode detailing her cannabis growing style! Marybeth is a regenerative agriculture and pest specialist, but today's show is about her favorite cannabis cultivation techniques. She discusses her recent foray into autoflowers, and discusses her recent run with Mandalorian Genetics' Anvil. The conversation turns towards her favorite method of plant training, and Marybeth talks about the old school gardener training mentality she still utilizes today. She also makes an interesting observation regarding genetics and specifically the size of seeds from modern breeders- remarking that old school "brick weed" tended to carry the biggest fattest seeds you'll find. Marybeth wraps up the show by talking about her specific local; The Emerald Triangle, and how it has changed and evolved over the years- largely due to the rapidly expanding cannabis cultivation industry.

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