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Feb 13, 2020

Dr. Coco from is back for another podcast, this time talking about the long awaited topic of diagnosing problematic issues in cannabis plants. Dr. Coco talks about how he has five major factors that he considers whenever he runs into issues with his grow: Climate, Light, Pests, Roots, and Nutrients. Dr. Coco walks us through each of these five facets of growing, and details what we should be thinking about and examining in our grow room to determine the best course of action. Maybe fungus gnat problems, for instance, get misdiagnosed as deficiencies according to Dr. Coco. Rather than just rushing to your nutrient deficiency chart next time you see discoloration, Dr. Coco recommends you do a full run down of your grow, and the most important factors that comprise it, and use a process of elimination to find and remedy the issue plaguing your grow.

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