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Sep 7, 2019

Passionate breeder Terp Fi3nd is on the line to talk about his new line of work, and what inspires him to continue to breed his own strains. Terp Fi3nd talks about the importance of flavor and aroma when it comes to his work, and why he thinks the future of breeding has a lot to do with producing strains that make flavorful and consistent extracts. He talks about some of his favorite strains he's ever bred, and gives the listeners tips on how best to grow his work. Terp Fi3nd talks about his passion for plants that are not too finicky, and how he likes to be able to have something on his menu for every type of person. Then the conversation turns towards breeding practices themselves, and Fi3nd goes on to give some good tips and guidelines when it comes to getting started breeding your own strains. The guys wrap up the show talking about open source genetics, and the possible dangers that cannabis growers and users face with corporatized cannabis. You can find Terp Fi3nd and all of his work by following him on Instagram @Terp_Fi3nd and when you're ready to buy make sure to visit and use promo code growcast for free shipping!

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