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Aug 24, 2019

Dr. MJ Coco from joins the show to share some of his incredible grow expertise. Dr. Coco shares his personal story of his journey into the cannabis industry, and what led him to create He goes on to share some of the amazing benefits of growing in coco, specifically when it comes to increased fertigation capabilities, optimal air/water ratios at full saturation, and environmental conservation properties. Dr. Coco also gives some great overall grow advice when it comes to things like air/water ratios in your media, how nutrients are taken up into your plants, and what you should be focusing on as a cultivator. Dr. MJ also gives some pretty strong opinions about some nutrient lines, and shares some good rules of thumb when it comes to what to consider when shopping for nutrients. He wraps up the show by providing some great grow tips to the growers out there who are already in coco, as well as some more supporting evidence as to why he thinks it's the best option for cannabis growing.

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