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Apr 3, 2021

Today's show is an episode of the GrowCast Member Podcast, available weekly ad-free at along with Wednesday night GrowCast TV live streams, giveaways, and more! Come and join the most positive community in cultivation!!! Marybeth Sanchez is on the line for an entire episode about soil aeration! Marybeth talks about the incredible need for oxygen within the soil, and talks about the many roles that oxygen plays in the soil web. She also discusses what happens when the soil is deprived of oxygen, from pathogens to permafrost. Marybeth shares her opinion of various aeration inputs like perlite and hydroton, among others. She also talks about various soil aeration techniques like the chop stick method, and gives her opinion on physical aeration. Marybeth and Jordan wrap the show by talking about the GrowCast Grower's Chat (now on discord) and some of the interesting posts they've encountered!

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