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Jul 22, 2020

World famous cannabis enthusiast and hashish connoisseur Frenchy Cannoli is on the line to talk about his incredible life journey, and his return to his long time love of studying, making and consuming hashish. Frenchy talks about his wild personal story, and the long break he took from the hashish community to pursue a family life. Now that Frenchy is diving back into hashish, he talks about the incredible scientific discoveries he's made, and how fascinating it is to revitalize ancient cannabis preparation techniques. Frenchy talks about his world travels, and which cultures had the biggest impact on him. He talks about the best hash he ever smoked, in the mountains of India, and why that experience was so special to him. Frenchy also discusses his new focus and emphasis on resin, and how cannabis cultivators may want to start looking at the resin in a trichome gland differently than they have in the past. Frenchy also gives some great hash making tips to wrap up the podcast!

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