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Sep 26, 2019

*GET FREE NATURAL PEST CONTROL FOR YOUR GROW!* That's right!!! The Amazing Doctor Zymes, Marybeth Sanchez, and The GrowCast Team have joined forces to offer you a sample of The Amazing Doctor Zyme's Pest Eliminator TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE! Just visit while supplies last and see the incredible power of all natural enzyme pest control for yourself! for FREE natural pest control today!

On today's episode of GrowCast, Marybeth Sanchez joins Jordan to talk about her long and storied life as a farmer. Marybeth talks about her incredible passion for organic gardening, and how she wasn't necessarily brought up to engage in sustainable farming practices. She goes on to talk about her work in pest control and integrated pest management, and shares how she teamed up with The Amazing Doctor Zymes after their product resonated so well with her. Marybeth gives some great tips for choosing cover crops, and talks about what you should be keeping in mind when selecting a crop to shade your soil. Then the conversation turns towards compost tea and beneficial microbes, and Marybeth shares some incredible research that she has done when it comes to brewing compost tea, and how certain enzymes interact with them.

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