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Jun 28, 2021

Good friend of the show Jinx from Jinxproof's Dank Bank drops by the podcast for an episode about his new drops, Oklahoma growing, and more! Jinx talks about some of the selections he has just released, and goes on to share a teaser about doing some work with one of the parents (Gooberry) of his world famous 9 Pound Hammer strain. Jinx goes on to talk about growing in Oklahoma and the work he is doing with Carter Creek Cannabis, emphasizing the importance of regenerative practices focused on getting quality medicine in the hands of Oklahoma patients. He also talks about some possible Carter Creek only lines... Jinx discusses his thoughts on breeding with his strains, and gives an update on some of the less than honorable companies who have been using his logo and likeness without authorization. Jinx also discusses what he and his lovely wife Rose have planned for the foreseeable future, including conventions and meetups across the US!

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