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Apr 19, 2020

Show favorite Jota Herb returns to discuss his work and studies in KNF and beyond. Jota talks about what he has been up to during lockdown, and gives some advice as to how we should all be approaching this strange time. Jota talks about the KNF work he's been doing including composting and collecting IMOs. He also touches on synganic growing, and explains how he thinks incorporating occasional organic practices in a synthetic grow makes more sense than the other way around. Jota also talks about the importance of getting your own grow style dialed in, and making sure to fall into your own "grow groove," instead of just copying someone else's to the letter. The conversation then turns to lighting, and Jota gives his thoughts on LED vs HID, the importance of spectrum, light footprints, and more. The guys round out the show by talking about non standard light schedules, as well as growing autoflowers on a 24 hour schedule.

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