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Apr 26, 2020

Natural IPM specialist and friend of GrowCast Marybeth Sanchez from Growing Wild Garden Supply joins the show to talk about her favorite pest management strategies when it comes to specific infestations. Marybeth begins by discussing fungus gnats, and talks about the types of factors that allow them to gain a foothold and eventually thrive. She also discusses sticky traps, when they're a good idea, and when they are counter productive- for instance when they are trapping your beneficial bugs. The conversation turns towards aphids, and Marybeth stresses prevention and pro-activity as the keys to aphid control. Marybeth goes on to discuss spider mites, once again calling for preventative applications of Dr. Zymes as the main line of defense. Marybeth wraps the show by talking about caterpillar and moth infestations, and the havoc that these pests can wreak on gardens.

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