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Feb 26, 2021

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Seed Co will be USA only for the time being, we deeply apologize to our friends across borders. Tune into the episode intro for a Seed Co Timeline**
Friend of the show and GrowCast Seed Co breeder Rhizo Rich is back on the podcast for a classic GrowChat comprised of grow talk, strain reviews, and more. Jordan asks Rich about growing during the cold Midwestern winters, and all the heat and humidity supplementation that is required to keep the cold dry winter from harming the gardens. This leads to a conversation about HID lights heat production, and how that heat can be a beneficial asset in certain cultivation scenarios. Rich gives an update on the crosses that he's been whipping up for GrowCast Seed Co, and dives in deep to some of his favorite strains currently residing in his garden- including but not limited to cultivars like Slurricane by In House, Bloom Seed Co's Peach Pie, Grassman's Giggling Granny, Ethos' 10th Planet, the classic Ice Cream Wolfman, and more!

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