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Jun 11, 2021

**HUGE SHOUTOUT to the member who won the Terp Fi3nd Baller Pack raffle, and DONATED BACK several packs to give away to members. They wish to remain anonymous, but you know who you are, SO THANK YOU!!!**

Fi3nd of the show and prolific breeder of fire Terp Fi3nd returns to GrowCast! Today he's here to talk all about his new drops of White Cherry Wedding Cake crosses, as well as future projects, and more. Terp gives a breakdown on his new WCWC line, goes into detail into the crosses available, and describes what growers can expect from them. The conversation turns towards cultivation and Terp gives his thoughts on proper grow climate, increased levels of humidity, and different phenotypical expressions that varying climates can bring. He also discusses the dry and cure process, and how natural environment plays a role. Terp Fi3nd also talks about getting his website and mailing list set up, and the many vaulted packs he will slowly be releasing over the coming weeks... Visit to check out his brand new site and more!

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