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Feb 28, 2022

Great "Fiend" of the show Terp Fi3nd is back to talk about his new Mecha Godzilla drop, hash making cultivars and more! Terp talks about the Mecha Godzilla male he is using, and why he made the female selections he did for this particular drop. This leads to conversation about dry bud weight cultivars vs hash making cultivars. He talks about the Mecha Godzilla trichome structure, and what you can expect from his variety of crosses. Terp also talks about his limited cereal milk crosses that are also dropping with this release, and why he chose to include these two extra bonus strains. Terp and Jordan also discuss the inspiration for the names of this line- with the Japanese "kaiju" monster movie themes- and how naming strains originally is going to become more and more difficult.

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