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May 28, 2021

Aquaponics expert, host of the Growing with Fishes Podcast, and good friend of the show Steve Raisner is on the line! Today he's back on GrowCast for a deep dive into microbes, different input sources, breeds of fish, and more. Steve starts the show by extrapolating on the dual root zone grow style even further, emphasizing why the terrestrial input portion is needed at all. He emphasizes the importance of diverse microbial stimulation to achieve optimal genetic expression in the plants, and goes on to explain the benefits and possible hazards of dual root zone growing. Steve recaps a recent presentation he did for the members on GrowCast TV, and dives deep into the relationship between molybdenum and anthocyanin production- as well as some other important functions that other micronutrients enact. Make sure to check out for Steven Raisner's comprehensive aquaponics educational course, and use code GROWCAST to save $50 at checkout!

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