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Aug 1, 2020

From all the way across the pond, representing Percy's Grow Room and the new High on Homegrown Podcast, Macky, Monkey and Zombie join us to talk about the UK cannabis scene, and their wonderful community of growers. The guys talk about the legislative state of cannabis growing in the UK, as well as the public's conception of the plant. Subject like growing styles, hot strains, etc are discussed in the context of UK vs USA. The conversation turns towards grow tips and the guys talk about some of the most important things they've learned from working with a multitude of growers in the community- including a "less is more" mentality, getting started on the right foot, and defining your own personal grow values. The guys also joke around about growing in secret and hiding from everyone else, the UK lockdown, and more. Make sure to check out the new podcast High on Homegrown to hear more from this wild and entertaining UK grow crew!

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