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Dec 4, 2023

Breeder for GrowCast Seed Co and great friend of the show Rhizo Rich is back on the program for an episode all about the state of the industry, and the state of Rhizo's Garden! Rich extrapolates on some of the strains he's got lined up to get hit by the Apes in Space Pollen, and talks about which cultivars he is most excited about. He highlights the Purple Urkel Cake he has going which will produce the cross Purple Quasar, and how unique some of the new work is in his garden. This leads to a conversation about pheno hunting, and Rich talks about which grow style he thinks is most suitable for pheno hunting large numbers of plants. The conversation turns towards the state of breeding cannabis in 2023, and the state of the cannabis community at large. Rich gives his thoughts on the schism created by cannabis companies not being able to grow, and growers not being able to compete with the corporate forces...

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