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Apr 25, 2023

Soil Guru will be at Community Cup: Oklahoma! Education - Homegrower Showcase - People's Choice Cup!

Back on the show after a long break- the one and only Soil Guru AKA Valin Bodie is back on the program! Soil Guru gives us an update on all the of new happening in his world, including his soil line, consulting on licensed grows, and running a living soil grow of his own. Valin discusses his passion for all thing sustainability, and emphasizes the need for low cost microbially driven growing practices. This leads to a conversation about switching from salt nutrients to a living soil, and Valin gives his top tips on how to make that transition easily and successfully. Soil Guru also talks about container size, and watering practices, before wrapping the show by sharing his own grow style that he scales up for commercial cultivation - all based around soil of course!

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