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May 22, 2023

PESTAPALOOZA! Long Island on JUNE 3rd! All day Pest Fest with Matthew Gates and Jordan River - In depth IPM Class - QnA Learn n' Burn - Fully Catered Afterparty - Gift bag LOADED with goodies! Grab your tickets today!

The man himself from and the Dr MJ Coco Youtube Channel - Dr. Coco is back! He's on the program today to give an in depth overview of how we should think of light spectrum when we are growing cannabis. Dr. Coco highlights the different attributes of specific spectrums, including how efficiently they deliver photons, how deeply they penetrate your canopy, and what their inherit affects on the plant are. The conversation transitions into a new style of LED grow light that uses lenses to redirect the small light's spread- and Dr. Coco talks about sacrificing some efficiency in exchange for better coverage from your fixture. Coco wraps up the show by talking about growing the biggest "sticky dicky" auto, and how to grow a plant to maximum size without skipping a beat through veg.

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