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Sep 20, 2022

First time guest and talented breeder Chemma Lab joins the show for an episode that was intended to be all about breeding environment, but Chemma was so easy to talk to we spoke on all sorts of subjects- from transitioning from growing for flower to breeding seeds, to what drives Chemma's work, and more. Chemma and Jordan break down how they approach flavor and taste testing, and categorizing flavors in high and low end notes- like sound frequencies. This leads to a conversation about all the "yummy" weed that people have been breeding for- driven by popularity and the consumer market... But Chemma and Jordan talk about the nostalgia for good old OG strains, noxious chem strains, and funky foul fucked up nasty cultivars. Chemma of course also extrapolates on the strains she has available for purchase, and what you can expect from her work with chems, OGs, and more.

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