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Apr 17, 2023

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The great Doctor Coco from is back on the show for an episode about optimal consistent environments, and maximizing your grow space production. Coco starts by diving deeper into some concepts that have been brought up on the show before- specifically the idea of increasing your productivity per square foot by adding more plants and vegging them for less time. While this isn't an optimal method for those in low plant count situations, the idea of only vegging for a short period of time not only increases overall production- but also reduces manual labor and labor costs... Doctor Coco also discusses the importance of consistency, calling back to an episode where he had discussed leaving your plants alone as much as possible. This leads to an interesting conversation about how it's even more important to leave your plant alone the later in life it advances. The conversation turns towards harvest, and Coco has an interesting take to share when it comes to the differences in home grown harvests depending on the season in which you're cutting down...

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