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Nov 29, 2021

*Episode correction! Orca is not JUST mycorrhizae, as it also has a few beneficial bacteria in the blend as well*

Rhizo Rich, the man with the plan, is back again! Today he gives us a rundown of all the breeding work he's been doing with GrowCast Seed Co, including the upcoming Peachquake line. Jordan and Rhizo break down some of their favorite new strains in Rich's garden, including the Peach Maraschino by Lovin' and Truffle Cake by In House. The conversation then turns towards popular microbial inputs, and the guys break down what you're getting with many of these microbe products, and where redundancies may lie. Jordan also talks about non cannabis facing brands, and how cannabis farmers can often save money by going to big ag sources for the same active ingredients. The guys also reveal the long awaited myco brand that a previous guest was too polite to mention ;)

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